Thursday, 9 January 2014

Prop balance

I spent the day balancing my prop. If you do this make sure your spinner is tight first, slightly loose screws threw me off track for an hour or so. Eventually I got it down to .3 ips. I will fly it at this then have another go to try to get it down to below .1.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

14th July 1992

!4th July 1992 is the date I ordered my RV4 Kit from Vans and sent the money by bank transfer, so I guess I actually started building  by October 1992.  Now, after 21 years G.BVLR has taken to the air!!
Please remember in this time I have built or rebuilt several other aeroplanes, built half a house, two hangars and dealt with all life's twists and turns.
Going round on 23 at Wellesbourne

Makes me smile just looking at the photo.

RV Grin.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Well, everything has been inspected and signed off and I have now answered the latest queries from the LAA ( hopefully to their satisfaction). So, I am hoping o get the permit to test in a week or so. I have been brushing up on my tail dragging skills for when it does. I have a bit of a cold which I caught at the end of our Red Sea Scuba diving trip last week and the weather is crap at the moment so nothing is really being lost by the delay.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Unusable fuel

My Inspector Carl is pretty meticulous and  today he asked me how much fuel in the tank is unusable. So, I ran some checks as a result of his advice. Seems like a good thing to know anyway. So, I put fuel in each tank in turn in 1litre increments, then ran the electric pump to see if there was any flow, and whether the flow matched that previously recorded on the fuel flow checks.

With the aircraft on the ground the pump was able to supply fuel at the usual rate till 1/2 a litre remained in each tank.  Next I put the aircraft in the flight position referenced the same was as when doing the weight and balance with the cockpit rail level. I had put back what fuel I had pumped off in the previous test so had 1 L in each tank.

This time it was only able to supply fuel at its usual rate for a few seconds so only gave me about 200ml before air bubbles appeared in the supply.................. so it looked like in the flight position there would be about 800ml unusable fuel,   So,  I put another litre in each tank and ran the test again.

Same result, both tanks pumped at the usual rate which is sufficient to supply the engine on full power with a 25% excess, down to 800ml when air started to be pumped too. There was probably enough coming through to keep some power on down to 500ml, but its not something I would ever push. On checking the fuel guages they were registering empty with 1.5 litres in them so you have more than enough warning. I further checked the calibration of the gauges and found them to be fairly accurate, they hit empty when you still have about 1 gallon of usable fuel , again something I would not rely on.

I also added some placards and  rechecked I had carried out the SB on putting the locking tabs on the airbox, which I had, but as the airbox had some crud in it I decided to make doubly sure. Now I have photographic proof I did it......... I should have adopted the policy of photographing completed work some earlier in the build process!!

Placards showing usable fuel

Fuel flowing in from left tank

Flowing from right tank.

Oil Quantities on Oil Door

Lock tabs on Airbox,

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weight and Balance

I did the weight and balance yesterday, it came out at just under at 1011lbs, not bad as it has a Sensenich metal prop. I now have to complete all the paperwork to obtain the permit to test. Here I am doing a horrible job draining the fuel tanks so the weight and balance can be done.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Taxi Tests

I ran the RV 4 for about 1/2 an hour yesterday doing taxi tests. Its the firt time it has moved under its own power. It felt just like the Tailwind on the ground, very positive, which is not surprising as the Talwind had all RV4 landing gear.

Only the weight and balance to do now before I can send all the paperwork off for a permit to test. Actually these taxi tests enabled me to find a problem with the flap positioner which I have now sorted out.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

I did the fuel flow checks today with Andy my nephew. He had  to position himself just in front of the left tank as I ran it up to full power and did a bleed off check on both the electric back and engine driven fuel pumps, on both tanks. Actually the LAA only require the pump to deliver at minimum pressure and supply an excess of 25% fuel, we were ably to get better than this at 5PSI pressure, minimum is 0.5PSI with the engine pump. So, I can rest assured that there is sufficient fuel supply to keep the thing in the air. Also the boost pump alone supplies enough fuel and would keep it in the air, with 25% to spare!!

Now the only thing to do is the weight and balance check, submit the paperwork to the LAA and once the permit to test is through G.BVLR will after almost 20 years in the build, do what it is supposed to do..... FLY!!
Test pipework, the first tap regulates pressure, second is on/off.

Note fly on Andy's forehead blasted there by the prop wash!!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Labels and control stick cover.

Left rear seat belt secure

Right rear seat belt secure

Rear stick gaitor on

Fuel tank selector labelled.

Labels for cabin heat and oil cooler.

Flight restriction label.

Passenger warning label.

Stailess steel placard.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Left rear seat rudder pedal.

Pedal bearing block in safety
Wiring tied back from pedal.

Another shot showing wiring clear.

Also fitted top rear seat belts, rear seat back and finished front floor.

Monday, 26 August 2013

And now the bad news!

 This is CD after a forced landing after the engine stopped producing power at the worst point in the downwind leg at Wellesbourne.  Pilot changed tanks and shortly after the engine stopped but continued to windmill. Changed back tanks and attempted restart, but ended up having to make a force landing in a very small field. Notice the cable which prevented a complete flip over.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Ticks off the list.

Trim buttons sorted. EGT and CHT gauges sorted. Left fuel tank sender connected and OK, and wiring sorted on Nav lights....... Progress!! Wing attach screws fitted, left tank wired and working properly. Fuel flow checked  13gals per hour on boost pump.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Update and to do list!

Yesterday afternoon  was spent finding out why my magneto was not working. The Lightspeed ignition is working fine. So, I quickly determined that the mag was OK but firing 180 degrees out....... now how did I manage that??

So, I pulled off the mag, stripped it and made sure the internal timing was correct, refitted it making sure that number one was on its compression stroke at  25 before TDC........ and of course now its great. So, a couple of engine runs in line with Mahlons suggestions and I have a happy engine!!

Also fitted right rear seat rudder pedal and right front floor.

Now to does before this thing can have the paperwork submitted.

1. EGT/CHT not functioning since fitting switch and extra probes.
2.Trim buttons on stick  sticking.
3.Exhaust clamps on tail pipes.
5. Finish screws on plenum chamber and seal
6. Complete wiring on position lights and left tank.
7. Left rear seat rudder pedal and floor.
8,Paint  and fit  top wing fairings.
9. Fit left flap and connect.
10. Fuel flow check.
11. Last check on engine instal.
12. Set limits on Skybolt fasteners in top cowl.
13. Fit gear leg fairings.
14. Weight and balance calcs.

Have i missed anything?????

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Its getting there!!

 I had to remove the front floor to prevent the left hand aileron push rod rubbing on the passenger footwells after tightening  all the  push rods and torque tubes.  Its all running nice now.

Right side torque tube rear support in safety.

Front pushrod in safety.

Front torque tube  with nyloc jam nut.
Torque tube rear support in safety

Saturday, 3 August 2013

More work completed on push rods, static air tube supports to enable rear baggage area to be fitted.

Front jam nut of intermediate push rod secured

Rear jam nut of intermediate push rod secured.

Jam nut on front of forward push rod secured

Static air tube supports fabricated

Monday, 22 July 2013

More photos for Carl my Inspector

Wiring secured under aileron push rod
Closure of horizontal stab port side

Port wing tank support bracket in sagfety

Starboard Tank support bracket in safety

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Prop torqued and lock wired

Elevator push rods torqued

Right elevator torqued

Right elevator torqued

Left elevator torqued

Left elevator torqued.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LR at Wellesbourne! I have put all those bolts in the wings, ailerons on and set up. Tail end is being closed up, and yesterday I was working on making the wing wiring connections.

I hope to start run up checks by Saturday but then I have a week in Ireland on a Blue Knights tour. Over 200 coming from all over world.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Well, we finally have a roof on a hangar which seems to be able to resist the wind enough and stay there, and  BVLR has now moved in and is in the build up stage.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Horizontal stab attach

Posted for a VAF member for info.